Dogs and dementia, do they go together? In this short film, they do.


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It was just another job to produce a video for a nursing home, but Ah Fatt finds out that this wasn’t as straightforward.

Tragedy happens as he is filming in the nursing home, and he’s forced to reflect on his priorities.

Searching for meaning, he realises that the old folks home residents accept that they have lived very full lives, and that it was in the past. Simply, they had many colourful memories and no regrets.

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These are stories and opportunities that will be robbed from Ah Fatt, as his grandmother is now bedridden and has advanced Azheilmer’s.

He cannot enjoy the company of his grandmother, who is now shadow of her former self — a cheeky, cheery soul with a ready smile.

But all is not lost. His grandmother might not have her full mental faculties, but she knows what’s important to her.

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She has one last surprise for him about her legacy, and his.

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‘Carry On Carry Me (我愛口水堅)’ by Wong Wing-Hong is a winning entry at the Fresh Wave Short Film Competition.

Check out more winning entries on Viddsee’s Fresh Wave Channel.

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