Cassie Found Her Perfect Man. Her Therapist. Problem? Problem.


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Dan is smart, attractive, still single. He’s perfect for her. Problem? He’s her therapist.

Cassie has fallen for Dan, and Dan insists on handling this professionally: by recommending her to Dr Allen on the fourth floor.

He shows her the door. She takes things into her own hands… by stalking him.

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Jim says: “Once I entered my thirties, I noticed people were getting less picky about their dating requirements. The drive to settle-down seemed like it could be resulting in a “willingness to settle,” and actions that used to be deal-breakers were now “no big deal.” I found myself obsessed with one question: how much “crazy” could one overlook if it meant finally finding true love?”

In response to this question, I made “Perfectly Normal.” Two people – one therapist and one patient – both with their own hang-ups and draw-backs, drawn together by a universal desire to find the perfect partner. At the end of the day, the film is not an answer so much as a question for the audience: when it comes to bad behavior, how much is too much?”

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