She Caught Her Best Friend Sabotaging Her Chances At Fame


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Tanya and Shermain are BFFs who go way back: they grew up in the same orphanage, bonded over music, entered music competitions, and shared a similar dream: to become successful singers.

The competition was stiff in the SG Star Hunt, but the duo decided to give their best. Inspired by their friendship and their struggles, they penned their music and lyrics and impressed judges in the auditions.

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Steadily, they inch closer to the final rounds. Unbeknownst to her best friend, Tanya had started using a chat application that allows her to interact with her future self, gaining a competitive advantage over others by sabotaging other participants.

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But it wasn’t enough, as she learns that her biggest obstacle was her best friend, Shermain.

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She didn’t stop. She would sacrifice her friendship to get to the top.

In a dramatic turn of events, her scheme backfired. And there they were again, hurtling towards each other, with no chances at ever setting things right.

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If anything survived, it was by a prayer, by the power of friendship and song.

Watch ‘To: Another Me’ by Ang Zheng Xiang (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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