A Childhood Promise Proves Difficult To Keep


The innocence of childhood comes with a lot of hope and promise – we dare to dream, and the world is our oyster. But as we grow older, reality sets in and we sometimes forget to dream. Trade-offs also become starker. How do we choose between addressing the pressing needs of the day, and pursuing our lifelong dreams? Why is there even a need to choose between the two?

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Childhood dreams of going places

Making Education A Right, Not A Privilege

Far too often, our background determines the level of education we eventually achieve. Those among us who come from less affluent families face greater barriers to higher education than others – these individuals worry about the added burden of university tuition fees, give up the chance to go to university and hit the workforce prematurely to help out with family finances.

Yet, education is a great social leveler and key in creating opportunities for those with less. Everyone, regardless of background, should have an equal opportunity to succeed based on his/her individual abilities. Access to education should be a universal right, not a privilege.

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Remembering childhood promises made

Sometimes We Need a Leg Up to Soar To Greater Heights

A roadblock does not mean it’s the end of the road. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds should not have to forsake dreams of further education, simply due to a lack of financial support. With the assurance of financial aid, anyone can pursue their dreams and access the opportunities at university. Sometimes, all we need is a small leg up, to spread our wings and soar to greater heights.

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“Isn’t this where you want to go? Are you giving up?”

In ‘Paper Aeroplane’, a bright young student from a disadvantaged background receives an offer for a place in university for the course of his choice. What was meant to be a celebratory moment turned into uncertainty as he worried about how he could pay the tuition fees. Would he give up his dreams of furthering his studies and going places with his sister?

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