An Innocent Game Of Tag Hits Too Close To Home For These Slum Kids


Taya SS2

Junjun is the new kid on the block, a 12 year old kid who’s just moved in to a slum in Quezon City.

His initiation into this new playgroup begins with a series of innocent childhood games. There’s joy, laughter and fun in the games they’ve devised and adapted to their surroundings.

Taya SS1

They don’t have a care in the world.

Taya SS1 Rwrte

Their game of tag is adapted into a full fledged collection of strategy and role-playing street games.

But the realities mirrored in these games hits very close to home when they realise they have no home to return to.

Watch ‘Taya’ by Adi Bontuyan (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Taya’ won the Audience Choice Award and the Special Jury Prize at the Cinemalaya film festival.

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