This Ex-Convict Father Tries To Bring A Smile To His Son’s Life


Smile Shahrain SS1 KRK

The past was running them down. They were running out of second chances.

An ex-convict tries to stay away from his past and his crimes. Determined to start anew, he shows and puts out his best when his son, Roy, starts living with him.

Smile Shahrain SS6 KRK

It seemed inevitable that he would end up exactly like him and his grandfather: a disgrace to society, a failure, and serving time in jail.

Roy tried to find out about his dad’s past, and sought out a father figure in desperation.

Smile Shahrain SS5 KRK

The two misunderstood men realised “like father, like son” was a curse that might not be able to escape.

So they kept the door open for each other.

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