These Children Live In A Manila Landfill. Here’s How They Now Have Hope.


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Meet the children from Smokey Mountain, a large landfill in Manila, where poverty and hunger reign.

Children as young as six have to dig through the trash to sell whatever they can find, so that they provide for their next meal. Many of them start school, only to drop out midway because they need to work to survive.

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A husband and wife team decided to do something to change these children’s lives.

Malaya Kids Ministries, founded in 2001 by Pastors Reynixon and Corazon Rosales, has been working to provide nourishment to these children, and spread the message of hope and faith.


The grateful residents of Smokey Mountain look forward to a brighter and more hopeful future.

Watch ‘Breakfast On The Mountain’ on Viddsee:

‘Breakfast On The Mountain’ was directed by Robert Hector Cristobal for Our Better World, a storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation. The film also participated in The Good Story Competition by Our Better World.

The dumpsite and settlements was since reloctaed by the government, but the Malaya Kids Ministries work with the children still continue. Here’s how you can support them.

Here’s another inspirational short film on Viddsee, about the rise of a man who grew up in a dumpsite but made the best of it

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