A Chilling Tribute To A 13-Yr Old Who Committed Suicide From Bullying


Voiceless SS1 F1

Bullying is universal. It’s not just part of growing up. Some kids don’t survive.

A 13-yr old schoolboy was found dead in his home, hung over a banister in a silk scarf. His name was Vijay Singh. This was 1997, in Manchester.

Watch ‘Voiceless – Stop The Bullies’, a tribute to Vijay by filmmaker Jagjeet Singh:

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This was his last diary entry: ‘Monday: My money was taken. Tuesday: Names called. Wednesday: Uniform torn. Thursday: My body pouring with blood. Friday: It’s ended. Saturday: Freedom.’

Watch another film on bullying, ‘Chapteh’ by Thong Kay Wee, an inspirational story about children and racism

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