Tonight She’s Choosing To Be A Bad Girl, So She Can Finally Feel Good


Night Of The Slasher SS_07 krk.jpg

Her parents aren’t home, and this teenager has an action-packed night planned.

She made a list and is now checking it twice. For tonight she’s choosing to be naughty, not nice.

Night Of The Slasher SS_04 krk.jpg

There’s one person she wants to bait.

Night Of The Slasher SS_06 krk.jpg

He left a mark on her before, and this time, she’s ready to leave hers on him.

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The unique “shot-in-one-take” ‘Night Of The Slasher’ made waves across 160 film festivals internationally, winning 40 awards including top plaudits at Fear Fete Horror Film Festival and Fantasmagorical Film Festival. Learn more about the film here.

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