Clowns Aren’t Supposed To Be Scared Of Little Girls



Two clowns are trapped in a room, but they’re not the ones you need to be scared of.

In the corner, evil takes the form of a little girl. She’s the mistress of this little game and the only way out is to make her laugh.


Except it’s not slapstick or pratfalls that tickles her funny bone. She has a taste for brains, blood and gore, the more torturous, the better.


Just when one of the clowns has struck a way out, he learns the truth about little Dorothy. There’s a reason why he’s there, why the other clown was chosen, for her. Perhaps escaping was never really an option.

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‘Dorothy’ was shot on a limited budget of AUD$5,000 and it has gone on to travel at international film festivals, winning the Best Short Film at the Indie Horror Short Film 2012 and Atlanta Shortsfest 2012. For more on the director, click here.

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