Cold Hard Cash: 10 Minutes, Into The Deep, Dark Places


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Money is an easy incentive and an easy way in to the dark workings of the human mind. Your guard is down, some boundaries will become more fluid.

In this psychological thriller, four strangers submitted themselves to a psychological experiment: 10 minutes in a dark room, and$10,000 yen richer.

It should be easy, but they didn’t know that this wasn’t a random test. There was a pre-determined script, but there was more going on in deep, dark places.

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As the fear of the unknown and known crept up to them, they searched frantically for an end. But the end had already began.

Watch ‘Script (スクリプト)’ by Albert Ventura (Japan) on Viddsee:

‘Script’ won the Best Script Award at the 2011 Sapparo International Film Festival. The film also screened at international film festivals at Los Angeles, Beijing, Taiwan, Japan and Spain.

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