In The Coldest Of Winters, She Found Warmth In Another Stranger


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Like many of her countrymen and women, Tanya arrived from Russia looking for a job in Harbin, arriving in the icy cold of winter.

She’s an exotic pole dancer in a local nightclub, and she didn’t speak any Chinese. In this cold and strange land, she meets an out-of-town Chinese man, Youzi, and they form a bond even though they don’t understand each other.

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She found warmth in his borrowed coat; she found a certain warmth in his company, which grew day by day.

All she wanted was to ask him out on a date, but little did she know that Youzi was a man on the run.

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With some help from her friends, Tanya tried learning a single sentence in Chinese to ask Youzi out, practising in anticipation of the big day.

She thought it was the start of something new, but Youzi was just about to bade a forlorn farewell.

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It wasn’t a love lost in translation, it was a love that didn’t have a chance in this time and place.

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