This Young College Graduate Chose To Be A Mechanic



From 8 pm to 2 am, this 25-year old runs his motorcycle workshop in Penang.

Those are unconventional opening business hours, but Ernie Yeoh is no regular millennial either.


This college graduate followed his passion and chose to be a mechanic.

It’s backbreaking work with heavy responsibility, but there are little regrets with the path he’s chosen.


He knows the stereotypes and lack of respect that accompanies his profession. His own father tried to dissuade him from carrying on the family business.

But he is happiest when his hands are blackened.


He finds riches in the grease and grime, and is proud to honour his family’s legacy.

Watch ‘Greasy Hands: Young Bike Mechanic From Penang’ by Ben Boyagin (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

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