A Resentful Son’s Dilemma: Forced To Care For His Abusive Dad


3 Days Grace by Kenny Tan Still 4

This son is forced to caring for his wheelchair-bound father, sparking hostility, aggression and fear from his childhood.

His father was not a kind man. Now that the tables have turned, he struggles to find kindness and compassion to care for him after a stroke.

3 Days Grace by Kenny Tan Still 2

This competitive boxer has lived by the ethos of the fight, he knows the rules, the games, the opponent, and the boxing ring in and out.

He has three days to care for him, and has to decide if this battle against his father is worth winning.

Redemption and forgiveness will not come easy.

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‘3 Days Grace’ was selected for the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France, the Concorto Film Festival in Italy, and was shortlisted as a Silver Screen Awards finalist at the 25th Singapore International Film Festival.

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