This Beautiful Woman’s Confidence Melted When Her Makeup Did!



Even after years of dating, she always made sure to have the perfect face before leaving to see her boyfriend.

Never was there a strand of hair out of place, or an untouched inch of skin.

However, this was no ordinary day or date.


He had grand plans to take their relationship one step further. But with a heatwave in action, the forces of nature were too hot for her to handle and she was constantly distracted.

As the makeup slid off her face, so did confidence from her pores.


But she learns what she really needs is faith, and not a pretty face.

Watch ‘I Am Not Pretty’ (其實,我不美) by Nell Keung & Ivy Sin (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

‘I Am Not Pretty’ is part of the Animation Support Program channel, an initiative by Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association to nurture animation start-ups and original creative animation works. View more animated works here.

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