Confidence Was a Bra Size. So She Decided to Fake It Till She Made It


MS Mental Hospital SS_01

“Is this your girlfriend’s bra? It’s way too small. Has she hit puberty yet?”

Those are the biting remarks Susan hears when she chances on her cheating ex-boyfriend… with a girl who is rather well-endowed.

Her confidence in tatters, she decides to get a little help and embrace the bra pads. Lots of them. The internal voices in her head (perhaps you don’t know it, but all women have a mental hospital in their head filled with various patients representing emotions) find peace with that decision.

MS Mental Hospital SS_03

Thankfully, her new boyfriend is sweet and caring. And he’s ready to take it to the next level, though her shame holds her back.

When she reveals to him her embarrassing secret, he unveils how he’s been faking something personal too. It’s then she realises how love runs skin deep.

MS Mental Hospital SS_05

However, in the struggle for self-acceptance and the desire to be beautiful, confidence isn’t built in a day.

Here’s how she let go.

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