Rape Victim Suffers In Silence, Finds Comfort In An Orphan Girl


Congee SS1 Rwrte

This short film starts with a distressed Nadia, a young Muslim girl, recovering after being raped. She gathers her wits and rushes back home, trying to keep everything together and continue her life as she normally would.

It wasn’t that nobody cared. Her father questioned her bruises and absence, but she brushed it away.

It’s unspoken that her choice to suffer in silence wasn’t really a choice. She could not confide in anyone even in her distress, or during her traumatic flashbacks. Not even about an abortion.

Congee SS2 Rwrte

Her only solace is an orphan girl who witnessed her distress.

Nadia tries to visit this girl at the orphanage, but tracking her down was futile.

Watch ‘Congee’ by Charlotte Lam & Tan Chee Meng (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

Charlotte and Chee Meng’s film was a finalist entry at the inaugural Tropfest South East Asia film festival and competition in Penang, Malaysia.

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