The Cost Of Her Job As A Sex Worker Is This Tearful Phone Call


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Li Jan is a newcomer to Hong Kong and a newcomer to the workings of the underground prostitution network, but she’s not naive. She’s here to make as much money as she can before her 90-day tourist visa runs out.

The organisation runs a tight ship: girls on rotation, online advertising, services delivered like fast food, 24-hours around the clock.

Upon touching down she’s greeted by her pimp, rudely re-named, and hustled and bundled into a small room for a photography session for the service’s online advertisement.

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She barely warms up to the other girls, trading a personal item for a few minutes on a phone before being rudely interrupted. She has no illusions about what to expect. There’s no intimacy in the business, no friends, no favours, not a glimmer of empathy.

But she catches a glimpse of a young girl across the road, and their eyes lock. It was her only reason to raise a smile for the crude photo session.

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But the one voice she wanted to hear, from that phone call she desperately wanted to make, was someone she would lie to after her first job.

That one glimpse of that young innocent girl would be a distant memory.

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And it was the cost of her job.

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