Could He Be The Chosen One In Love?



This young man from Taiwan doesn’t have much going for him. He’s ugly, short and prone to misfortune. Fate is cruel, but things may be turning around soon. He’s on an adventure for romance.


His ticket to love is a message in a bottle with a promise: the person who finds this letter is the Chosen One, the man of destiny for Hikaru. She awaits his fated arrival on the quaint island of Ishigaki-jima.


One cruise ride later, he arrives at the observatory where Hikaru works, falling in love at first sight.


However, the path isn’t all smooth sailing. He’s surprised that she is a wheelchair user. Another man becomes a rival for her affections. He’s less sure about the letter now that the moment has arrived.


Somewhere in this stargazing star-crossed adventure, he might find the courage to express himself, beat the odds, and become The Chosen One. Can he overcome his ill fortunes?

Watch “The Chosen One” by Gori (Garage Sale) (Japan) on Viddsee!

One more film! A high school student and her tutor share a kiss. Ten years later, a chance encounter reunites them.

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