Does The Naughty Bunny Couple Who Play Together, Stay Together?


Don't Call Me Honey Bunny ss1 krk

When the sex stops working, does it mean you’ll actually have to work out what’s wrong in a relationship?

Unfortunately for this lesbian bunny couple, that seems to be the case. After the run of passion in new relationships, the bunnies were prescribed sexual healing and the books by intimacy gurus of all ages.

Don't Call Me Honey Bunny ss2 krk

They tried everything: role playing, the sex dice, more bunny toys, and even couple’s counselling. Nothing worked.

Don't Call Me Honey Bunny ss3 krk

What happens when the spark dies? Do you pull the plug?

Nope. For this couple, they recharged.

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Viewer discretion: For mature bunnies only

This short film was written, directed and produced by Gabrielle Zilkha. More on her here.

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