This Couple’s Struggle With Infertility Threatens To Break Up Their Marriage


Hole In My Stomach ss1 krk

They want a baby desperately. But destiny doesn’t seem to be with them.

Natalie’s husband Aviv has reached the height of his patience. Parenthood is a difficult journey. Their journey is a little more complex.

They’re ready to have kids. But Natalie’s body is revolting against her.

Hole In My Stomach ss3 krk

They’re trying, very hard. But things are not going well.

The waiting, the disappointment, the exasperation, the subtle blame-game, the resentment — it’s affecting their marriage.

She wants to follow the fertility clinic’s instructions strictly; he is not for the calculations and lack of spontaneity in their relationship.

Hole In My Stomach ss2 krk

Is it worth pursuing pregnancy at the cost of a happy marriage?

At what point should one give up hope?

Watch ‘Hole In The Stomach’ by Avivit Myasnikov (Israel) on Viddsee:

‘Hole In The Stomach’ won the Runner Up Award For Best Feature Short at the Hibulb Cultural Center Film Festival Awards and screened at the College Town Film Festival, Penn State in 2015.

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