Cousins In Scandalous Relationship Brings Bad Luck To Their Family


N Man Nor Beast KRK

This is not a love story.

Two cousins, fully grown and consenting adults, become romantically involved. This was a happy and peaceful home, but conflict arose when the scandal surfaced.

N Man Nor Beast 3 KRK

There are bigger secrets than being in an insidious relationship that will break their family apart.

The story is complicated because they took on the gamble, not knowing what the consequences would be.

N Man Nor Beast 2 KRK

But even so, no one could have forseen this tragedy.

Watch ‘Neither Man Nor Beast’ by Dennis Empalmado (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Starring Ruby Cayetano, Roy Empalmado, Maria Amor Rodriguez.

‘Neither Man Nor Beast’ travelled to the Marbella International Film Festival, the LA Asia Pacific Film Festival, the International Festival of Documentary & Short Film of Bilbao Zinebi, and the The Western Visayas Film Festival.

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