Know Someone Boastful Who’s All Talk & No Action? Watch This.


Coward SS4 KRK

Here’s a strange man in a strange living arrangements.

She’s an old school friend. He’s a man of empty words, empty gestures.

This facade starts falling apart when they get intimately involved. Then another guy further complicates their living arrangements.

Coward SS3 KRK

But when she really needed him to be true to his word, he chose to turn a blind eye.

When it really mattered, he failed her because of arrogance.

Coward SS2 KRK

How will he overcome this betrayal?

Will a cake suffice as an apology?

Watch ‘The Coward’ by Lee Ming-to (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

This short film won the Best Creativity Award at Fresh Wave (鮮浪潮) Hong Kong.

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