A Cowardly Dad Sends His Son Out To The Dark, With Just A “Good Luck”


Man In A Bag sw ss1 krk

The power went out on their way down, leaving them stuck in the elevator. He sent his son out to look for help, for the dark filled him with dread.

Man In A Bag sw ss2 krk

It was dark; he was scared. He wasn’t thinking straight. There are voices crying out of sight, and they’re not just in his head. With help nowhere near, overcome with fear, out of the elevator he fled.

Man In A Bag sw ss3 krk

It was then that he found his son on the stairs, looking like he’s long dead. He reached out to wake him up, but he should have fled instead.

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‘Man In A Bag’ won Best Horror Short Film and Best Creature at Curta Fantastico Film Festival, as well as Best Short Film and Best Special Effects at Tabloid Witch Awards.

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