He Had To Crash & Learn That Pride Comes Before A Fall


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Kenji’s cycling senior, Chris, was recovering from an injury. They were both enrolled in the same human performance laboratory, training together ahead of a big race.

Chris’ recovery was slow. Impatient, Kenji challenged Chris for his position at the race. He didn’t want to be just in a supporting role anymore.

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Unable to tamper Kenji’s arrogance and enthusiasm, Chris races forward while he falters behind.

They weren’t cycling as a team anymore.

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He had to learn that pride comes before a fall, all for the price of a bruised ego.

And a face plant.

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‘Never Stop’ won the Gold Award and the Most Popular Microfilm Award at the Innovation Technology Industries Mircofilm Competition in Hong Kong, and the Second Prize at the Beijing Film Festival for Youth Welfare in China.

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