Crazed Police Investigator Sniffs Out A Serial Rapist And Murderer


Dalang The Manipulator SS1 KRK

One detective in goes up against an elusive serial killer who flays the skins of dead prostitutes. Not before using and killing their bodies, too.

Nobody knows why or who, but its up to one man, riddled with flaws himself, to take the case.

This crazed police investigator has been on the case far too long. He’s obsessed with a zeroing in on a suspect, a shadow-puppet master.

Dalang The Manipulator SS2 KRK

The crime of passion has a life of its own, truths are perpetuated as myths, and the real puppet master gets played. Up to 14 cases are reported.

The detective’s psychosis, and the idea of human leather in shadow puppet is really sick, but that’s not what gets under our skin.

Dalang The Manipulator SS3 KRK

Here’s how the real actors are revealed.

Watch ‘Dalang The Manipulator’ by Steve Long (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains elements of nudity and gore

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