Creepy Girl In Red Follows Salaryman, Turns Out She Was From His Future


Blind SS3

This short film is set in a surreal a post-nuclear Tokyo, where its residents adapt to life in the city after a catastrophic nuclear disaster.

It’s a somber, bleak future, where life goes on as usual. Gas masks are ubiquitous, cancer cases are on the rise, and the daily news carries updates on contaminated zones in the country.

Blind_SS7 KRK

It’s a regular day for this salaryman: wake up, put on a mask, get on his commute, get to work, wash, rinse, repeat.

He keeps on seeing a girl in red who goes wherever he goes. It turns out to be someone he recognises as someone he was blind to in the past.

Here’s a cautionary tale about our wilful ignorance.

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