Creepy Horror About Plastic Surgery Is Viddsee Shortee April 2016


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Everyone wants to fit in, some more so than others.

This is your most-loved, most-watched short film of the month, ‘Human Form’.

The protagonist’s In-Hyung’s fascination with faces begin at an early age, and she expected to look and be the same when adulthood came.

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It came with a price.

Director Doyeon Noh shares that while ‘Human Form’ is about plastic surgery, it is also about identity, fitting in with one’s peers, and mimicking one’s parents. Judging someone by appearances is common, however in Korea, “this trend is very prominent. ‘Enhancing’ one’s appearance has almost become an essential part of the job-search for young Koreans.”

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“But I don’t think plastic surgery is necessarily a bad thing,” he adds. “People can do whatever with their body. But in Korea, there are ads for plastic surgery everywhere you go. Young Koreans are saving up to have their faces and bodies modified.

“I think that the media is encouraging young kids to take action based on decisions which aren’t really their decisions. This bothered me a little, so I wanted to make people notice.”

Doyeon spent only three days shooting, but took much longer preparing for the shoot. Special makeup was the most challenging part of this film. It took over a month coming up with the right face design.

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The grotesque result is from Doyeon’s research on traditional masks from different cultures. The director and artists made lots of sketches and 3D models of faces before finally deciding the concept of the face.

“I was very interested to see how masks from certain culture exaggerate certain aspects of human face yet they all looked very human. I’ve also looked at lots of ‘before and after’ photos put up by plastic surgery hospitals.

“There’s a certain trend in Korea in how people want to fix their faces – higher nose, sharper chins, double eyelid – etc. I cast the female lead that looked adorable even with her single eyelid eyes – to make the contrast.”

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In a universe in which everyone looks kinda the same, the exaggerated features become a norm after the initial shock. It’s almost pleasant to the eye. Almost, if we’ve all been conditioned to think so.

It’s certainly easier to judge at a distance, but not when the mirror is held too close to your face.

Watch ‘Human Form’ by Doyeon Noh (South Korea) on Viddsee:

Written & Directed By: Doyeon Noh
Produced By: Wooseok Chung
Art Direction & Production Design By: Sihoon Lee
Cinematographer: Hwayoung Son
Actors: Si Yeon Kim (adult In-Hyung), Ye Eun Lee (young In-Hyung), Jinseon Son (Friend), Sun Hee Kang (Mum), Ae-Jin Kim (Sister), Seung-il Hong (Dad), Jung Do Jur (Doctor)

‘Human Form’ was the most-watched, most-loved short film last month, and it’s our April 2016 Viddsee Shortee!

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