This Little Boy Has Some Big Words On Winning Your Love


Siopao-SS1 KRK

Two men meet in a moment of despair. One is nervous with lady issues, the other just flunked a school test.

With childlike innocence and honesty, Bobot plays adviser to the love struck and anxious Manding; Manding becomes the big brother figure that the playful and naughty Bobot needs.

Siopao-SS2 KRK

Does Manding get the girl? Is it romance he’s really after? Or just an ego boost?

Here’s how a little boy shows that love and laughter can be found in friendship, steamed buns, and the simplest of things.

Watch ‘Steamed Bun’ (Siopao) by Kevin Santos & Patti Lapus (Philippines) on Viddsee:

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