He Picked On A Nerdy Viral Video Star To Gain Popularity



A video of a high school boy ranting rudely towards a female passenger went viral.

It was just the right kind of furore the Internet lived for. Judgement fell swiftly from keyboard warriors far and wide.

Lok-Yin, in particular, was thrilled to recognise the guy in the video.


It was his nerdy classmate, Chi-Shing.

To gain popularity on a local forum, Lok-Yin decided to start recording his other antics at school.

He shared videos of Chi-Shing’s daily humiliation and his personal details to a ravenous audience.


But the online mob were equally vicious to those who sought out undeserved fame.


Thus, with a crushing blow, social justice was served.

Watch ‘Cyber Bully’ (網絡欺凌) by Lee Cheuk Pan (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

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