Dad Carried Her On His Back. She Carried Him In Her Heart.



Across Dakota Crescent, a dog stalked a chicken, causing raised eyebrows among curious locals.


This was no stunt. Underneath the costume was a father who was merely trying his best to look out for his young daughter.


He wasn’t the wealthiest; he was just a hot dog vendor by day. Nor was he the most present, as he left his daughter in the care of his neighbours while he worked.

But he gave her good memories.


A rich childhood filled with whimsy and joy, a unique tradition before the Chinese New Year reunion dinner.

“No matter how far or fast you run, I will always catch you!” he once told her.


Even when memories began to fade, those words were never forgotten.

Across time and space, the loving chase never stopped.

Watch ‘Run Chicken Run’ by Ellie Ngim (Singapore) on Viddsee:

To learn more about Ellie and a behind-the-scenes look at making this film, read this.

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