A Dad Confronts His Guilt From His Son’s Death



Adapted from a true story, this gripping thriller tells the story of a father’s grief, guilt and redemption.

He’s a single father who revisits memories of his son in an interview, and the kidnapping that took place many years ago.


The guilt in his oversight still sits heavily in his conscience. He did what some of us have thought of doing before – leaving his son unattended in the car as he runs an errand.

Big mistake, of course. But he finds redemption in the end.

Watch ‘Pizza’ by Dick Chua (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

‘Pizza’ was made with a grant from winning the BMW Shorties 2013 short film competition in Malaysia. The short film competition is now in its eighth year.

If you’re wondering whose vocals & music featured in soundtrack, it’s ‘It’s Easy to Kill You’ by the Malaysian indie singer-songwriter Froya!

Here’s another awesome short film, not about carelessness and oversight, but about wilful ignorance when an accident happens. Watch ‘Sanzaru’ by Adam Sinclair

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