Dad Sheltered Her Until The Age Of 18. She Finally Understood Why.


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Little Nunu grew up with Dad’s fantastical tales. It coloured her world: a cow lived in her milk cup, armpits were where babies came from…

She didn’t question. She gulped it down, like the cup of milk she had for breakfast.

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There were stories. Then, the memories. And gossip. Memories: long cycling trip home in warm, humid summers. Specific events: when the landlady was rude to dad, the mysterious car who passed dad a wad of cash. Gossip: parents gossiping about her absent mum.

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She was left wanting for more — the truth. But she never asked.

Eighteen years on, Nunu realised that she lied as well. She never had a taste for it, but she, too, gulped it down.

Watch ‘My Milk Cup Cow’ by Yantong ZHU (Japan) on Viddsee:

‘My Milk Cup Cow’ was Yantong’s graduation work at the Tokyo University Of the Arts. This animation won many accolades at international animation film festivals.

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