Dad Wants Him Married, He’s Not Interested. Something’s Gotta Break.


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They’re at an overnight camp out at the train station, and dad just won’t let him off the hook. His status as a bachelor was getting on dad’s nerves, and it was getting on his nerves.

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He’s not interested in getting married. But that is simply not an option. Reason? There’s a queue that pretty much sounds like “first in, first out” in marrying off the kids. Unless he gets married, his younger siblings can’t.

His dad believes in the sanctity of lines. Everyone tells him that once the ticket office opens, there would be total chaos and the line would break. But he firmly believes that just like the line of succession of marriage in siblings, the line to get the train tickets will not break.

The Line ss3 krk

But break it does. And yet, the father and son are able to reach the ticket office and get their tickets, triumphantly.

The line didn’t break, but something else will have to.

Watch ‘The Line Will Break’ (Line Tootegi) by Sachin Verma (India) on Viddsee BUZZ:

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