A Young Daughter’s Heartfelt Letter To Daddy, Years Later, Miles Apart


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It was hard watching everyone forget, when all she could do was remember.

Dad moved to the other end of the world. He was long gone, and even further from where she’s at. They’ve been living without him for years, and slowly, everyone seemed to have forgotten that he was even around. Dad was in the tropics. He had started a new life, a new family.

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Joanna is perplexed at how her mum and her brother could forget, so easily. But her brother was just a baby when his dad left, so he had no memories of him at all.

Mother, she switched between missing her husband terribly to shrugging off every little possession and memory of him.

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One didn’t remember, and the other wanted to forget. But not Johanna.

As she wrote to him, she found him in her memories and on the ink-dipped pen.

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Here’s a heartfelt story of separation, the people and places left behind, and hope for a better future.

Watch ‘Cold Sand’ by Noah del Rosario (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Cold Sand’ was featured at the 11th Piling Obrang Vidyo Film Competition and 12th Indie-Un Film Competition.

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