Dad Yelled At Him, But He Was Just Following Mum’s Last Words



“It’s the middle of the night!” Billy’s dad yells at him.

Billy doesn’t get it. He’s five and he believes what his mum had told him. She’d said there were dinosaur bones in the yard and that he could dig them up. So there he was, out in the yard in the middle of the night, digging for something that wasn’t there.


Mum’s gone now, and Billy is confused and bewildered. She has left an aching void that can’t be filled. And it’s driven a wedge between him and his dad. He just doesn’t get why Dad is yelling.


His dad William is just as lost. He doesn’t know how to deal with Billy’s weird obsession. She had been the one dealing with him all this while.

William realises soon enough that losing his temper is not the solution to bring together the broken family.

He’d have to get creative.

He’d have to get down and dirty.


Can father and son ever understand each other?

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