“Daddy Is Making Soup. Come Home For Some Soup When You’re Free.”


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If there was one voice mail you could replay over and over again, what would it be?

This elderly man keeps calling his daughter’s mobile. She’s a busy photographer, always on sets, but she always tries to make time for her father. Short phone calls, text messages, all to tell him that she’s okay, and that she’s there for him the same way he’s there for her.

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Then, the phone company realised something was off.

They tried their best to be as human as possible. His phone habits were unusual. It made the phone company panic — there’s a precious memory of a loved one in this voice.

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‘Hanging On’ won the award for Best Director at the Macau International Micro-Movie Festival, Best Micro-Movie Award at the Taiwan International Short-Film x Hengdian Film Festival, honoured as the Most Popular Award by Taiwan iBEC Micro-Movie, and Silver for the Best Micro-Movie Award at the HKheart Micro-Movie Contest.

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