A Dad’s Prayer For Rain, Blessing & Faith


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We seek solace in the power of prayer, the higher beings, our faiths only as the last resort. We believe in our modern ways, only until all else fails us.

This father and son duo live in a mountainous tribal village in Taiwan. His own father taught him to live the ways of a modern man, as he, too, has lived.

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When a drought hits the country, his friends and his son all leave the village in search of jobs. The big city Taipei, beckons.

It’s a logical and practical move.

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He’s lived here all his life, but he realises that he cannot move because he has forgotten his way home.

He takes a slow, meditative trek back to where he came from, praying for rain, faith and blessings.

Here’s how he prayed and found his way home.

Watch ‘Rain’ by Changhao Hsu (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘Rain’ has screened and competed at Kaohsiung Festival Love Generation Short Film Competition, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Short Short Film Festival & Asia, and the Asian American International Film Festival.

It won Outstanding Short Film at the Golden Harvest Award and the Gold Lion Award at the International Student Festival, both in Taiwan.

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