Dancing With SHINee Was Her Dream. You Can Be A Star Too!



With almost the entire population plugged into the Internet, with blazingly fast speeds, South Korea is a nation of early adopters living life on the next level.

South Korea is keeping the rest of us on our toes, as we see in this documentary ‘I.T. Land’. Here are our top three takeaways. Get ready for what feels like life on a set piece of a sci-fi Hollywood blockbuster!



At the Future School Of First Town, educating young minds begins with a single tap. There are no textbooks here. The classroom synced with a virtual reality system, from lesson plans, homework, to discussions on their personal gadgets.


The learning experience isn’t led just by the teacher. Students are empowered and encouraged to learn from one another in the spirit of collaborative sharing.


Watching your favourite performers on stage used to be a fan’s greatest wish. But S.M. Entertainment, the leading Korean entertainment company behind bands like Super Junior and SHINee, decided to make the experience more immersive.


If you can’t go to Korea, they’ll bring the pop stars to you with holographic live shows. Using multiple projectors, SHINee fans go wild in this seamless virtual-reality performance. They also get to be part of the music video, if they so wish.


The virtual reality technology gives them a chance to be stars themselves, by being a featured star or dancer in the music video. This is what fan dreams are made of!



Waiting for your commuting can be boring, but not in South Korea. Subway walls and bus stops are made to resemble the aisles of a grocery store. With a simple scan and tap, commuters can plan to have a hot dinner the minute they arrive at their door.

Advertisers are leveraging on interactive and personalised technology to target consumers in public areas. You could easily try on an outfit without ever taking off a stitch of clothing, or project yourself to the holiday destination of your choice!


In Korea, the future is now. They’re laying the blueprints for the rest of the world, and all we have to do is keep up.

Watch ‘I.T. Land’ by David Lee (South Korea) on Viddsee:

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‘I.T. Land’ is part of Korea Next, a documentary channel on Viddsee by Discovery Channel. Check out the rest in the series, Nanjing Calling, Singapore Stories, and Super Japan.

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