She Nearly Gave Up, But One Last Hunt For Love Took Her To Church


Daniella's SS1 FI

Daniella is gay, single, and desperate.

She inexplicably turns her focus on men. She and her girlfriends brainstorm for strategies and prowl for suitable candidates.

Daniella's SS3

What makes a good boyfriend material? Are blind dates still a thing? Is the church off-limits?

Is God sympathetic? Does prayer work?

Daniella's gc ss2 krk

Unfortunately, she is taken for a ride and has a whole lot of misadventure.

Four men later, she finds herself back in church, praying for the same thing – true love.

Watch ‘Daniella’s True Love’ by Chloe Veloso (Philippines) on Viddsee

Some scenes in this film was shot at the Santo Niño de Cebú Basilica, a sanctuary for the oldest religious image of the Holy Child of Cebu.

Chloe’s film has screened at six festivals in the Philippines, including at Cinemalaya.

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