She’d Seen The Dark Mark As A Child. Now It Was On Her Daughter.



Nim’s daughter, Prae, is haunted. Or so she claims.

There’s a ghost under Prae’s bed that’s keeping her awake, she says.


While most mothers would chalk it up to a hyperactive imagination, Nim knows better.

As a child, Nim had a run in with the supernatural and lived to tell the tale.


It involved her father, Prae’s grandfather, and a possessed child in the village.

To help Prae realise there is nothing to fear, she tells Prae the story from her childhood.


That’s when she realised a startling similarity that had been right under her nose all along.

Watch ‘Ta’ by Kunlakan Mamber (Thailand) on Viddsee:

‘Ta’ has travelled extensively across international film festivals at America, Thailand and Australia. The story is purportedly based on true events.

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