A Daughter’s Raw Confession To The Mother Who Has Forgotten Her



As a young girl, Yun Yun remembers a neat and tidy home; the kitchen filled with the sound of her mother’s cooking.

Now at 57, the hearth has gone cold, as has her mother’s memory.


Ever since Yun Yun’s mother was diagnosed with dementia, she has been the primary caregiver. Coming to terms with her mother’s new normal has been a challenge.

The blank stares hurt. But the most crushing moments are when her mother hallucinates. About her husband having an affair, being a 5-year old, confusing Yun Yun for someone else.


There’s no easy way to deal with the fact that someone you love is forgetting your existence. But Yun Yun reaches to the past to find strength in the present.

She recalls her mother’s resilience, how she taught them to be strong and keep moving forward in any reality.



These words power Yun Yun as she finds avenues to reconnect with her mother. Old photographs are a reliable bridge to access her mother’s lost memories. But she also finds new pride in carrying on her mother’s legacy with food.


Here’s Yun Yun’s honest and raw confession.

Watch ‘Confessions: Ep 1 – Do You Remember?’ by Eileen Chong (Singapore):

‘Do You Remember?’ is the first episode of Confessions, a social documentary series, featuring the secret voices of Singaporeans who go through extraordinary circumstances.

Confessions is part of the Viddsee Voices project to develop original films that explore with local content creators issues commonly overlooked in our society.

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