He’s Stuck In A Dead-End Job As A Torture Artist. It’s Killing Him.


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He’s getting really tired of his daily drill. Day in and day out, he goes through the same routine torture, in an unprofessional work environment with inconsiderate colleagues.

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It’s killing him, being stuck in this dead-end job. But luckily for him, the man he’s supposed to torture, Greg, is a career counselor. And a good one too.

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In between the screaming and begging and bleeding, Greg helps him realise that he can leave this job and follow his dreams. And thus, like blood from a cut artery, hope bursts forth. Messily.

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‘Torturous’ won Best Short Film at the Canadian Comedy Awards, Best Micro Short Comedy Horror Film at Fear Fete Horror Film Festival, Best Horror Comedy at Buried Alive Festival, and many more awards.

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