She’s Deleting Photos Of Her Dead Husband. He’s Not Happy About That.


Deleted SS5

We’ve all sworn to delete Facebook at some point. The over sharing, the obsessive fear of missing out, the perpetual connectivity can be mildly irritating. It’s also a massive time sink.

Your nightmares are nothing compared to this story about a wife receiving messages from her late-husband on Facebook.

Deleted SS4

Her name is Nick. Just as she’s about to completely move on from her grief, Patt reaches out to her on Facebook.

The horrifying messages continue, although she suspects that it’s a cruel prankster at work.

Deleted SS2

But when equally unusual events happen at home, she’s stricken by guilt and horror. Is it all in her head, or has Patt returned to haunt her on the Internet?

Watch ‘Deleted’ by Nitaz Sinwattanakul (Thailand) on Viddsee:

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‘Deleted’ won the Vichitmatra Award at the Thai Short Film and Video Festival last year.

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