Deadline After Deadline, It Never Stops



They tell us to aim of glory, to strive for recognition and a legacy that will far outlast our mortal being.

But the daily grind is for the most part, a burden that weighs down heavily on our back. Work consumes, sucking deep from our instincts and hopes until it becomes a process of survival.


We chase deadlines, only to look up and come face-to-face with another one. It’s a ravenous beast that never stops.



Here are 4 horror vignettes about what it’s like to exist in this daily rat race from independent animation filmmakers in Bangkok.

Watch ‘Deadline’ by Punya Pasukkovitsiri, Chanon Treenet, Kraisit Bhokasawat & Twatpong Tangsajjapoj (Thailand) on Viddsee:

‘Deadline’ is part of the Bangkok Horror Short Film Festival channel on Viddsee that coincided with the event that happened in October 2015. To watch more horror shorts from independent filmmakers living in and around Bangkok, click here.

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