Death Doesn’t Have To Be Boring! Watch This Fashionable Animation On Death.


Deathniger SS4 KRK

Death has never been so cute!

In this animation, an educational institution for death gods teaches creatures how to capture souls, across all cultures and traditions.

Deathniger SS2 KRK

The headmaster’s son is also enrolled in the school, but he’s embarrassing his dad in the classroom. Instead of paying attention, Grim Reaper Jr’s thoughts are on knitting, craft and fashion.

Pretty things fill his head, not death.

Deathniger SS3 KRK

But when put to the task at practical exam in a hospital, it turns out that liking and creating pretty things can put him in good stead.

Death by fashion? That seems like a promising innovation for the industry!

Here’s how he went for the kill.

Watch ‘Deathigner’ 《死神訓練班》on Viddsee:

This short animation was made by Tzu-Hsuan Fei, Kuan-Tien Chen, ke-Ching Chang, Ya-Chu Hsu, Li-Ying Fu from the National Taiwan University of Arts.

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