Death In Her Shop OR Her Fiancé’s Plane Crashes. Whichever Comes First.


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Izzy bought some curtains for her vintage shop, but behind the drapes lies something far sinister. An Ouija board cursed to bring death and misfortune to those unlucky enough to have acquired it.

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She didn’t believe it at first, but then a customer began to speak as if possessed. “There will be a death in the shop,” she prophesied, “or Jack’s plane will crash. Whichever comes first.”

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Worried sick, Izzy tries to stay calm. But her fiancé is flying in from Italy soon, and the demonic voice in her head won’t stop reminding her. Death in the shop or Jack’s plane crashes.

Good thing her shop has plenty of customers.

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‘Vintage Blood’ won the Audience Choice Award at TriForce Short Film Festival and Best Screenplay at Unrestricted View Film Festival.

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