Death Plays Games With Mortal Lives. One Man Is Tired Of Playing.


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All his life, he’s seen Death more times than he’d like. Death took away his brother in the war, took away his beloved Katie, took away so many of his friends. So many.

All That Remains sw ss3 krk

He’s old now, and he’s running out of friends and loved ones. He cannot bear to lose anyone else, especially not the nice nurse who reminds him, almost painfully, of his darling Katie.

All That Remains sw ss4 krk

He won’t let Death take anyone else from him. He would do anything, give everything, if it meant never having to lose someone precious to him ever again.

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‘All That Remains’ won Best Film and Best Director at DIY Film Festival, Fan Favorite at Black Bear Film Festival, Best Cinematography at Los Angeles Movie Awards, and more.

The film was also an official selection at Canada International Film Festival, Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, Stony Brook Film Festival, and many more.

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