The Depths Of The Internet Spat Out A Beast & It Knew Its Maker


The Post ss2 krk.jpg

It could be just another ordinary day, except today was only the day of her reckoning.

She had signed up for another social network, committing her life and consciousness to it. It popped up at breakfast, an innocent post-it note from her man, about breakfast.

The Post ss1 krk.jpg

Then it materialised in her breakfast, which she spat out in horror.

The Post ss4 krk.jpg

Then, the beast drew itself from the depths of the Internet, and slowly unfurled its true form. It was a beast alright, from the dank and fetid abyss.

The Post ss3 krk.jpg

It was alive. It knew its maker, and it was coming for her.

Watch ‘The Post’ by Emmanuel Sapolsky (China / France /US) on Viddsee:

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