The Witnesses Were Useless. Time To Talk To The Murder Victim


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How do you solve a murder case? The police had done their due diligence, from inspecting the crime scene to interrogating the witnesses. Yet the murder remains a mystery.

The Strange Detective sw ss2 krk

Without witnesses, evidence, or a murder weapon, the case seems unsolvable and destined for the discard pile.

But before they dismiss the case, Detective Alvin Wong has one last trick up his sleeve.

The Strange Detective SSh KRK

He’s going to try to solve the case, with help from a bowl of rice, a pair of chopsticks, and the spirit of the deceased.

Watch ‘The Strange Detective’ by Chan Kean Wah (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

Kean Wah’s film was a finalist at the inaugural Tropfest Southeast Asia film festival and competition, held in Penang, Malaysia.

The clue is in the Chinese title (“问米” = a ritual ‘asking rice’)

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